House Rules

Below stated are the House Rules which govern the Serviced Office Centres. The clients and their employees are suggested to read and understand the same in detail. Please note that these rules are built for the smooth functioning of all clients within our Serviced Office Centres and could be subject to change from time to time.


  1. Upon Move-in : " OTP SPACES " you will ask to sign in an agreement which will entitle you to only use the furniture and equipment you are permitted to use in the said premises, together with a note of its condition, and details of the keys or access/proximity/RFID entry cards issued to you.
  2. You shall be allowed to install a company signage as per our standards on the common signage board at the Serviced Office Centre reception.
  3. Taking care of our Property: You must take good care of all parts of the Serviced Office, its equipment, fittings and furnishings that you use. You must not alter any part of it.
  4. Keys and Security: Any keys or entry cards, which we let you use remain the property of OTP SPACES at all times. You must not take any copies of the keys and /or entry cards or allow anyone else to use them without official written consent from OTP SPACES . Any loss must be reported to us immediately and you must pay a reasonable fee for replacement keys or cards and of changing locks, if required. This rule improves security levels of Serviced office. If you are permitted to use the Serviced office outside normal working hours it is your responsibility to lock the doors to your accommodation and to the Serviced office when you leave. This is to ensure the safety of individuals and property at the Serviced office.
  5. Use: The client or its employees shall not leave open any corridor doors, exit doors, or door connecting to the corridors during or after business hours for security purpose and if you do so at your own risk. All corridors, halls, elevators and stairways shall not be obstructed by you or used for any purpose other than egress or ingress. You can only use public areas with the consent of OTP SPACES and those areas must be kept neat and attractive at all times.
  6. Client's Name & Address: At your request and cost we are happy to include your company name in the house directory at the Serviced Office, where this facility is available. You may not use the Serviced office as your registered address for service-of-process.
  7. Your employees and guests shall conduct themselves in a business-like manner; the noise level will be kept to a level so as not to interfere with or annoy other clients and help us by abiding to directives regarding security, keys, parking, and other such matters common to all occupants.
  8. You shall not, without prior written consent from OTP SPACES , store or operate in your office(s) or the OTP SPACES centre(s), any computer (excepting a personal computer) or any other large business machine, reproduction equipment, heating equipment, stove, radio, CCTV, Camera, stereo equipment or other mechanical amplification equipment, vending or coin operated machine, refrigerator or coffee equipment. Additionally, you must not conduct a mechanical business therein, do any cooking therein, or use or allow to be used in the building, oil burning fluids, gasoline, kerosene for heating, warming or lighting. No article deemed hazardous on account of fire or any explosives shall be brought into the OTP SPACES Centre(s). No offensive gases, odors, or liquids shall be permitted. No firearms shall be permitted. The Serviced Office is intended to be used solely for Office use.
  9. The electrical current shall be used for ordinary lighting, powering personal computers and small appliances only unless written permission to do otherwise has been obtained from OTP SPACES at an agreed cost to you. If you require any special installation or wiring for electrical use, telephone equipment or otherwise, such wiring shall be done at your expense by personnel designated by OTP SPACES . The client or its employees shall not bring any sort of power extension boards or extension cables, unless they explicitly take written permission from " OTP SPACES ".
  10. You may not conduct business in the hallways, cafes, reception area or any other area except in its designated office/suite and/or conference/meeting room, without the prior written consent of OTP SPACES .
  11. You shall bring no animals into the building other than certified assistance animals which are being used solely for the purposes of such certification.
  12. Cafe Amenities Fee allows clients and visitors to self-service coffee, tea and water as well as access to the Business Lounge/Café and Kitchen Facilities.
  13. You shall not use the OTP SPACES for manufacturing or storage of merchandise except as such storage may be incidental to general office purposes. Client shall not occupy or permit any portion of the OTP SPACES to be occupied or used for the manufacture, sale, gift or use of liquor, narcotics or tobacco in any form
  14. No additional locks or bolts of any kind shall be placed upon any of the doors or windows of the OTP SPACES by you nor shall any changes be made to existing locks or the mechanisms thereof.
  15. Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the Building are prohibited and the client or its employees shall not solicit other clients for any business or other purpose without the prior written approval of OTP SPACES .
  16. All property belonging to you or any employee, any agent or invitee shall be at the risk of such person only and OTP SPACES shall not be liable for damages thereto or for theft or misappropriation thereof
  17. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all public areas, including conference and training rooms. No smoking shall be permitted at any time in any area of the OTP SPACES (including open offices).
  18. You or Your Officers, Directors, Employees, Shareholders Partners, Agents, Representatives, Contractors, Customers, or Invitees shall be prohibited from participating in any type of harassing or abusive behavior to OTP SPACES Team Members, other clients or invitees, verbal or physical in the OTP SPACES for any reason.

  19. Services and Obligations

  20. Furnished Office Accommodation: You shall not affix anything to the windows, walls or any other part of the office or the workspace or make alterations or additions to the office without the prior consent of OTP SPACES .
  21. Office Services & Working Hours: The normal working hours are Monday to Friday: 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM. Saturdays 8.30 AM to 2.00PM. " OTP SPACES " are happy to discuss special arrangements for the use of facilities outside our normal opening hours or, the normal working days where the Centre is located. There will be an additional charge for such special arrangements namely air-conditioning and additional housekeeping or staff attendance required by you.
  22. All of the Pay-as-You-Use Services are subject to the availability of our Centre staff at the time of any service request. " OTP SPACES " will endeavor to deal with a service request at the earliest opportunity and provide the additional service you require, but will not be held responsible for any delay.
  23. If in your opinion, " OTP SPACES " decides that a request for any pay-as-you-use service is excessive, " OTP SPACES " reserves the right to charge an additional fee at our usual published rates based on the time taken to complete the service. This will be discussed and agreed between us at the time you make such request.

  24. Your Agreement

  25. Nature of your Agreement: " OTP SPACES " may transfer the benefit of your agreement and our Obligations under it at any time. This clause reflects the fact that you are taking a serviced office agreement and not a lease and that " OTP SPACES " will retain overall control of the Serviced Office Centre. You have no real-property interest of any kind in the Building. If your company does merge with another or you need to allow an affiliate to use the services provided under your agreement, please come to us and explain the need for any change to us and " OTP SPACES " will give careful consideration in each case. Of course " OTP SPACES " do need to make sure " OTP SPACES " know and are happy with the identity of each occupant of our Serviced office.
  26. Data Protection: You agree that " OTP SPACES " may process, disclose or transfer any personal data which " OTP SPACES " holds on or in relation to you provided that in doing so " OTP SPACES " take such steps as " OTP SPACES " consider reasonable to ensure that it is used only for the below.
    1. To fulfill our obligations under your agreement;
    2. For work assessment and fraud prevention;
    3. Or to make available information about new or beneficial products and services offered by us and other organizations which " OTP SPACES " consider may be of interest to you.
  27. Notifications: The client agrees to accept and acknowledge all forms of communication used by OTP SPACES namely voice calls, text messages, email communication or any other form over the tenure of the said agreement, to notify / advice on payment for services or any other communication for services provided within the scope of the agreement and House Rules. The client further accepts and has understood that any form of communication from OTP SPACES shall not be treated as Unnecessary and shall respond back to the same in a timely manner.

  28. Fees

  29. Café Amenities Package: A fee of INR 2,100/- per occupant, as applicable from time to time per person, per month will be charged to all clients from service agreement start date. " OTP SPACES " reserves the right to change the variable pricing from time to time.
  30. Standard Services: The standard fee and any fixed, recurring services requested by you are payable in advance, 30 days after invoices raised (or such other day as " OTP SPACES " designates) of each month following the date you receive your bill. Where a daily rate applies, the charge for any such month will be 30 times the standard fee. For a period of less than a month the standard fee will be applied on a daily basis.
  31. Pay-as-you-use and Additional Variable Services: Fees for pay-as-you-use services, plus applicable taxes, in accordance with our published rates which may change from time to time, are invoiced in arrears and payable, 30 days after invoices raised (or such other day as " OTP SPACES " designate) of the month following the calendar month in which the additional services were provided.
  32. One time Access Set up Fee: A per workstation office set up fee of INR 2,500/- and/or as applicable from time to time will be charged for each occupant. " OTP SPACES " reserves right to change this from time to time.
  33. IT & TELECOM SET UP FEES: Shared Internet Access as well as Bandwidth on Demand and all Telecom packages come with a connectivity one-time set up/activation fee x 1 of the monthly fee for IT and Telecom. " OTP SPACES " reserves the right to change the variable pricing from time to time.
  34. OTP SPACES Office Restoration Fee: A restoration fee will be charged upon your departure or if you, at your option, choose to relocate to different rooms within the centre. " OTP SPACES " reserves the right to charge additional reasonable fees for any repairs needed above and beyond normal wear and tear. Office Restoration Charges are INR 85/- per square feet or as applicable from time to time. " OTP SPACES " reserves the right to change this from time to time.
  35. Late Payment Fee: Though at " OTP SPACES " If you do not pay fees when due, a 3% penalty or equivalent as applicable from time to time will be charged on all overdue balances. If you dispute any part of invoice you must pay the amount not in dispute by the due date or be subject to late fees. " OTP SPACES " also reserve the right to withhold services (including for the avoidance of doubt, denying you the access to your accommodation) while there are any outstanding fees and interest or you are in breach of your agreement. " OTP SPACES " reserves the right to change from time to time.
  36. Insufficient Funds / Cheque Dishonor Fee: You will pay a fee of INR 2,500/- or the maximum amount permitted by law of return of any returned cheque or any other declined payment due to insufficient funds, as per law U/S 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
  37. Please note that for all agreements with a term greater than 12 months the indexation applied will be minimum 10% or higher of the current price or market price whichever
  38. Tax Deduced at Source: OTP SPACES will may generate two or maybe more invoices every month for office services and for additional services and amenities provided. Clients are permissible by law to deduct the tax at source as per below:
    1. Schedule of current levels of deductions, this would be subject to change per Income Tax Rules;
      1. TDS of 10% on Office Services.
      2. TDS of 2% on additional services and amenities.
      3. OTP SPACES , from time to time may submit a Certificate of Nil/Lower Deduction on the TDS/WHT to be withheld
    2. TDS/WHT is deductible only where the client has a valid TAN number held by the client and copy of the same requires to be submitted to the Centre Team prior to the move-in.
    3. OTP SPACES is a Service Provider Operating under SERVICE ACCOUNTING CODE- (Classified under Other Support Services). TDS on Shared Internet, Café Amenities and/or any other services cannot be deducted U/S 194J, which provisions (Fee for provisional Services, Royalty, Consultant Fee, etc.). OTP SPACES is contractor/sun-contractors and TDS on services to us should be U/S 194C at 2%.
    4. The client has to ensure that should there be a deduction, this amount of tax withheld is deposited with the CBDT by the following month of deduction by the 7th calendar day. In case of the above criteria not being met by the client OTP SPACES will impose a late payment charge as applicable. Apart from the above, " OTP SPACES " from time to time may submit a certificate for Lower/Zero Deduction on TDS to be withheld by the client. Post which the client will need to abide by the same. OTP SPACES , from time to time may submit a Certificate of Nil/Lower Deduction on the TDS to be withheld will notify the clients on the receipt of such a certificate
  39. Credit Card Bank Fees and Foreign Exchange Bank Fees: OTP SPACES shall invoice all the services as per agreement and applicable in INDIAN RUPEES only, for all payments made via Credit Card and International Bank Transfer the necessary bank fees and charges shall be applicable and payable when deducted by the remitting bank or the credit card company as case may be. The client agrees on their behalf that such fees are payable to OTP SPACES as and when deducted by the respective banks.
  40. Increase in Government Tax Structure & Fees: Any increase in the tax structure by the Central & State Government of any competitive authority shall be applicable and payable by the client from time to time from the date set by the authority.
  41. Return of Retainer: For all agreements the retainer will be returned back after all the necessary invoices have been settled and all Tax Deduction Certificates received in Original by OTP SPACES , the return of retainer process may take anywhere between 45-90 days and in some cases more if the TDS has not reflected in the OTP SPACES TRACES Account.
  42. " OTP SPACES " may also reserve the right to charge an additional retainer in case of TDS deductions certificates not being submitted per quarter. This will be in the form of a month extra retainer.
  43. Liability Mail: You release us from any liability arising out of or incurred in connection with any mail or packages received on your behalf. IT and Technology Policy Introduction: This Policy forms part of the OTP SPACES Net IT Connectivity Order and complements the Services Agreement referenced therein whereby Client has contracted for serviced office space and wishes to use OTP SPACES Telecommunication and Internet connectivity services and equipment.
  1. Shared Internet Connectivity:
    1. As a standard offering " OTP SPACES " provides a shared internet for 1 device per workstation, though this connectivity will be invoiced monthly and separately from the Monthly Office Service Charges.
    2. OTP SPACES provides a personalized connection to the Internet, which is managed but not protected via a firewall. The Internet access service is branded as Shared Internet Services
    3. The Shared Internet connectivity provides clients with an Internet connection that will provide web surfing capability and the ability to download POP3/IMAP mail from their ISP.
    4. The Shared Internet connectivity is based on a symmetrical leased line connection that is shared with other individual OTP SPACES clients within the same operating premise.
    5. The service does not provide clients with the ability to run Softphones, VoIP based telephony services.
  2. Bandwidth on Demand Connectivity:
    1. OTP SPACES can provide clients with dedicated Lease Line Connectivity in increments of 1 MBPS, 2 MBPS and 4 MBPS. This provide an uncontended, symmetrical connection of the selected client bandwidth. The service provides public IP addresses.
    2. The service provides clients with the following capability:
      1. The ability to deploy public IP addressing
      2. The service allows clients to run server based solutions that require inbound connectivity (e.g. an FTP, web or mail server)
      3. The service allows clients to run "site to site" VPN connections
      4. Clients are also able to deploy their own "Firewall" to manage their own LAN and VPN connections should they wish to do so.
    3. All commercial terms and conditions for the above services are covered in the Service Price Guide.
  3. OTP SPACES Internet Policy:
    1. Content: Clients acknowledge that OTP SPACES does not monitor the content of information transmitted through OTP SPACES telecommunication lines or equipment, which includes, but is not limited to, Internet access, telephone, fax lines and data lines ("Telecommunication Lines"). Client further acknowledges that OTP SPACES is merely providing a conduit for Client’s Internet transmissions, similar to a telephone company, and that OTP SPACES accepts no liability for the content of transmissions by its clients.
    2. Restrictions: Internet connectivity may be used only for lawful purposes and shall not be used in connection with any criminal or civil violations of state, federal, or international laws, regulations, or other government requirements. Such violations include without limitation theft or infringement of copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, or other types of intellectual property; fraud; forgery; theft; or misappropriation of funds, credit cards, or personal information; violation of export control laws or regulations; libel or defamation; threats of physical harm or harassment; or any conduct that constitutes a criminal offense or gives rise to civil liability. Clients are responsible for maintaining the basic security and virus protection of their systems to prevent their use by others in a manner that violates this Agreement. Customers are responsible for taking corrective actions on vulnerable or exploited systems to prevent continued abuse.
    3. Internet Connectivity: Per User Basis. Connectivity grants client access on a per user access basis. In the event of a client increasing the number of users by utilizing a proxy server or by other means, Client agrees to pay the OTP SPACES fee for each user which accesses Internet connectivity, either directly or through a proxy server.
    4. Unauthorized Access: In no event may a client increase its authorized access points to the Telecommunications/Data lines by means of wire splitting or any other method including wireless devices. In the event of a client breaching paragraph 1.3(Access User Basis), above, or this paragraph, OTP SPACES may disconnect all of a client’s access to the Telecommunications/Data lines upon three(3) business days prior written notice to the client. The client shall pay OTP SPACES fees for any unauthorized Telecommunications/Data Lines use upon invoice from OTP SPACES . OTP SPACES shall have no obligation to reconnect the client to the Telecommunications/Data Lines until such fees have been paid in full and the client has ceased to make unauthorized access.
    5. Client Installed Telecommunications Lines: It is part of the OTP SPACES business model to provide Telecommunications Lines to its clients. Clients may not bypass the use of Telecommunications Lines by installing its own direct infrastructure. On a case by case basis and at OTP SPACES and on sole discretion, OTP SPACES may grant client authorization to install direct Telecommunications Lines upon written request by the client. This permission will only be granted on the agreement of the client, to make a monthly payment of a direct access fee as set by OTP SPACES which will be equal to the monthly Internet connectivity fee.
    6. Security Violations: Clients are prohibited from engaging in any violence of system or network security. The Internet connectivity may not be used in connection with attempts - whether or not successful – to violate the security of a network, service, or other system. Examples of prohibited activities include, without limitation hacking, cracking into, monitoring or using systems without authorization; scanning ports; conducting denial of service attacks; and disturbing viruses or other harmful software. OTP SPACES reserves the right to suspend Internet access upon notification from a recognized Internet authority or ISP regarding such abuse. We may disconnect your equipment and withhold services if we consider that your hardware or software is, or has become, inappropriate for connection to our network. Clients are responsible for their own virus protection on their systems and hardware.
    7. Internet Connectivity Services are only available at OTP SPACES Serviced Offices and connection to our network is only permitted at those centres. Clients must not create any links between our network and any other network or any telecommunications service without our consent.
    8. OTP SPACES requests that all clients will provide, as and when requested by us, documentation and personnel information as we may reasonably require to assist in the provision of the services.
    9. Revisions to this Policy: OTP SPACES may modify this policy at any time, with or without notice.
    10. Upgrades: Notwithstanding anything mentioned in the above IT Policy, any upgrades from the shared internet to bandwidth on demand connectivity, the “ OTP SPACES ” system would discontinue the shared internet connectivity on this upgrade, the client will be eligible to utilize devices only under the upgraded bandwidth on demand connectivity. Should the client choose to take up additional offices, the additional devices will be considered under the upgraded bandwidth on demand norms.

    Special Requirements

    1. Clients using their own wireless access points require written approval from OTP SPACES , prior to implementation. The use of a client's own wireless router will result in a service charge based upon the total number of contracted work stations in a clients designated office space
    2. VoIP phones are not allowed on OTP SPACES . You shall require to obtain approvals from the OTP SPACES Management before proceeding with the same. If an approval is given, then you will be required to take Bandwidth on Demand or additional connectivity to run the VoIP solution.

OTP SPACES does not provide any service level agreement to our clients in regard to provision or loss of service for its internet services. OTP SPACES shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including lost profits, arising out or resulting from any loss of service or degradation of connectivity / access to the Internet with this Agreement, even if the other party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The foregoing shall apply, to the fullest extent permitted by law, regardless of the negligence or other fault of either party. DISCLAIMER OF CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES – OTP SPACES shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including lost profits, arising out or resulting from this Agreement even if the other party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The foregoing shall apply, to the fullest extent permitted by law, regardless of the negligence or other fault of the either party.